Commercial Services

    surface disinfection    

No matter the size of a workspace, it is important to have a routine for disinfecting a space where people have interacted and occupied. Whether it be a warehouse, office, store front, or other commercial facility, ViraTech is well-suited to disinfect any sized area with efficiency and consistency.

In our current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial now more than ever to maintain a disinfected and sanitized environment for everyone that passes through your business facility.  

Based on the most advanced electrostatic technology, ViraTech's disinfection services are designed to deliver maximum impact to targeted surfaces with no threat or interruption to employees, staff, or customers. 

what to expect from viratech when we visit your business:

Inspection- ViraTech technicians complete a preliminary and post-application set of comprehensive ATP tests around the facility. This tells us the amount of pathogens present on tested surfaces and will help indicate "hotspots" that need extensive treatment. 

Preventative Strategies- Based on the level of traffic your facility experiences, we implement a customized treatment plan to  help eliminate and prevent the future spread of germs and viruses. 

Safe Disinfection & Sanitization Techniques- We use BioVex, an EPA registered and approved disinfectant solution, which means our product has been tested for toxicity, carcinogenicity, and more. BioVex is a registered disinfectant, virucide, fungicide, sanitizer, bactericidal agent and deoderizer. In other words, we are powerful against germs yet safe for every person, child, and pet that comes into your facility. 

Certificate of Disinfection- Following our services, you will receive a document that serves as your business' proof of disinfection and sanitization. We will provide documentation of your date of service and proper materials to post your certificate in your disinfected place of business.