Disinfectant solution used by ViraTech for surface disinfection. 


BioVex® is a proprietary blend of oxychloro chemistry that can be activated to generate a highly efficient and effective, broad-spectrum, hospital-grade disinfectant that eliminates pathogens. It has EPA registration indicating utility on non-porous surfaces that commonly are the source of communicable infections.


BioVex G
Multiple Commercial and Residential Applications
BioVex T
Multiple Commercial and Residential Applications

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ClO2 comparison chart with other conventional sanitizing agents
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Here is a helpful link to the EPA's website regarding best practices when using disinfectants. Take time to remind your staff:  Six Steps for Safe & Effective Disinfectant Use | Pesticide Registration | US EPA 

If your current disinfectant is a concentrated Quats product that requires mixing with water, check the label, because most require a new batch of product made daily and a post application rinse. 


BioVex (list N disinfectant), per label, has full efficacy up to 7 days, requires no rinse and is less caustic to hard surfaces, among many other benefits. As a “Spray and Walk Away” disinfectant, consider the labor cost reduction and ease of use that BioVex offers.




We are now several months into the COVID-19 pandemic, how are your disinfectants impacting you?  Make sure your staff is reading the labels in full as many disinfectants including Quaternary Ammonium (Quat’s) products require being wiped  back off after a period of time…is that happening, it should be with those products. Also, are your surfaces starting to show wear and tear,  becoming less shiny or more sticky? Eliminate  these issues and others with BioVex® (EPA 9804-1 List N disinfectant) a near neutral PH (Very easy on hard surfaces) and once dry leaves only  microscopic particles of salt. See the attached, our newest BioVex®  comparison chart versus an array of common disinfectants. If you had one choice, which product would you prefer to have around your staff and  clients. Also, BioVex® is a “Spray and Walk Away” disinfectant so  consider the labor cost reduction and ease of use.


One of many benefits BioVex offers is ease of applying whether in a residential or commercial application. Utilize a spray bottle, cloth and bucket, HVLP sprayers, high pressure sprayers,

electrostatic sprayers, fogging, mop and bucket, shoe disinfectant mat and more. 


BioVex has proven to be the complete solution for overall disinfection. 

*  Total efficacy on the widest range of pathogens. 

*  Efficacy in the shortest contact times. 

*  Very little if any corrosion issues.

*  Lowest toxicity levels. 

*  No threat of microbial resistance. 


Disinfectant products containing quaternary ammonium compounds i.e., benzalkonium chloride, alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, alkyl dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chloride and  didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride as well as many products containing triamines have been shown in multiple studies to contribute to the rise of antimicrobial resistance (i.e."Super Bugs"), with several resistant strains being identified, including E.coli and MRSA. 

When using BioVex, microbial resistance is not possible. This is due to the fact that BioVex is a strong acting oxidizer, attacking the cells molecular integrity. This in turn breaks down the cell membrane, disrupting protein function, inhibiting RNA synthesis and quickly kills the microbe. 


ViraTech is an Authorized Distributor offering

state of the art chlorine dioxide products, including

BioVex (EPA Reg. No. 9804-1) and Oxine-WT (OMRI Cert.).


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