Why is an electrostatic disinfectant spray system better than other methods of disinfecting an area?

Our powerful electrostatic sprayers are a new, promising technology in the industry of infection prevention and control. This technology utilizes electrostatic application systems to distribute an EPA-approved disinfectant, such as BioVex, that makes for proper surface disinfection. Electrostatics was adopted from the automotive and agricultural industries, and is now being integrated into the infection prevention and control industry as a tool to break the chain of pathogen mobility.

What is Electrostatics and how does it work?

Electrostatics is a branch of physics that regards the properties of slow-moving electric charges. This is the same phenomena demonstrated when you see lint attracted to clothes, or when a dryer sheet sticks to a blanket from the dryer. Our sprayers apply an electrostatic charge to the particles of BioVex disinfectant, resulting in a behavior similar to that of dust clinging to a TV screen. To put it simply, the electrostatic system provides a comprehensive, total coverage to a surface by clinging to every dimension of an area (i.e. it wraps around the target area).

How is it proved that an area is germ-free?

ViraTech utilizes ATP testing as a tool to gage the presence of germ existence on a surface. Our testing can quickly and efficiently identify the "cleanliness" of a surface by providing a real time count of germs from the swabbed surface. We can identify areas of concern or "hot spots" to better inform us about how to treat the targeted area, since some areas may need a more intensive treatment.

Will I receive some sort of certification that my home/business/etc. has been treated and tested germ-free?

Simple: Yes. Once a facility is treated by ViraTech, we will provide a Vira-Checked Date of Service that certifies your facility as germ-free. A facility is deemed germ-free when all ATP tests results are under the recommended germ threshold for the facilities' industry. This certification process also helps the client market the fact that they are being proactive and go above and beyond to ensure their family and friends', customers', and employees' safety.


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